Bluebelle Property Investments is a property investment services company working exclusively for individuals on a one-to-one basis. If you are looking to minimise risk, maximise net rental income and achieve good medium to long term capital growth our properties should fit in well with your plans. All of our properties are 'cash flow positive' which means that your rental income will always exceed your mortgage and all other standard operating costs.

And - because we personally tenant and manage your property - we will only source property in areas where we know there is a strong and consistent rental demand. Our purpose is to deliver a much greater return on your savings compared to having them stuck away in the bank where they are being under-utilised. Our property knowledge, specialist relationships, buying power and hard work mean we obtain the best deals possible on your behalf.

We focus exclusively on buying property for our investors in Nottinghamshire, in the following three main categories:

  • Distressed/ Repossessed residential property.
  • High yield Buy-to-Let/ Investment residential property with 8% to 20%plus yields.
  • Renovation/ Development property that will deliver substantial returns when renovated and rented out or re-sold.

Our Dedicated Personal Service !

The vast majority of property investment companies offer only one service and that is property sourcing. That means YOU have to do full due diligence on the property - YOU have to organise any refurbishment required - and YOU have to get the property tenanted and managed.
If you don't have the time and experience to do this then buying a property from a sourcing company is a bit like buying the bricks and building a house yourself! By comparison WE do everything for you. WE find a property, WE negotiate an aggressive deal on your behalf, WE undertake any refurbishment, WE find a tenant and WE manage 24/7/365.

We are now in the middle of a major "buyers' market" for investment property.

Many people will look back on the post "credit-crunch" UK market of 2008 through 2012 as a missed buying opportunity!

Our investors are getting returns of 15%+ on their invested capital this year, simply through the high rents they are achieving.

At Bluebelle Property Investments we believe that over the long term, carefully selected property investment will deliver market beating capital growth as well as exceptional monthly returns.

Our clients are achieving their pension objectives or financial freedom plans very efficiently.

Property, like any investment, has potential risks.

We take a strategic approach to risk mitigation and will be happy to develop a tailored plan for you to achieve your investment objectives with minimum risk.

Please Note: Property investment is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and Bluebelle Property Investments are not an FSA regulated company. The information on this website does not constitute professional advice and property examples and related monetary figures are for example purposes only. We strongly advise you to get professional financial and legal advice before making any investment decisions.

Property is a medium to long term investment.

Normally, our clients have a 10 to 15 year capital growth strategy.

We will be happy to explain how we help our clients achieve market beating capital growth while minimising risk.

One of our experienced Property Consultants will talk you through the process in detail; however the system is designed to provide you with minimum hassle.

We recommend the solicitors, the financier and work closely with you each and every step of the way until completion.

In simple terms:

  • We source a bespoke property to match your requirements.
  • We call you to discuss the opportunity and assess your suitability.
  • If suitable, our financing partners qualify you for a mortgage and request a valuation of the property.
  • Our recommended solicitors send out relevant documentation to you and also start the searches.
  • Typically within a month we complete and the keys are handed over to you

A key part of our service is that we only source and offer property that matches your personal property investment strategy and that we would invest in ourselves !

For example; you will instruct us on maximum and minimum valuation, type of property, minimum rental yield and maximum cash investment to purchase.

We will then source matching property, fully explain the opportunity, and you can then decide whether it is a suitable investment.

PLEASE NOTE - There is no obligation to accept a property.

We know that you may be concerned about the condition and potential refurbishment costs when buying resale property.

That is why we guarantee that every property we offer will be refurbished to 'ready to rent' condition.

We can do this because we identify refurbishment costs and factor this cost in when making our offer on a property. This means we can guarantee a 'ready to rent' condition and include the cost of any refurbishment in our overall property proposal.

There are no up front costs.

Registering and gaining access to Bluebelle Property Investments property portfolio and Investment Consultant services is free.

Bluebelle Property Investments earns fees when our clients purchase investment properties that we have introduced.

Fees are purely based on the purchase price paid and are available through our terms and conditions of sale.

Each deal varies according to the agreed purchase price of the property – a finders fee is payable equal to 5% of the purchase price with a minimum of £3000. Typical fees are approximately £3,600.

This is entirely up to you, so long as there is sufficient finance available.

You will need a 20% - 30% deposit depending on availability and your choice of buy to let mortgage products.

The average purchase price of a property is £50K-£80K which means the deposit required is in the range £10K-£24K. However, this deposit amount can be drastically reduced by using specific mortgage products available – resulting in much less of your capital tied up in each property and thus maximising your returns on your investment.

Due to many of the properties being repossessed the completion times are very strict and hence we often need completion within 28 days.

This should not be a problem as long as you send your documentation back to our recommended solicitor promptly.

We strongly recommend that you use our solicitors for reasons of haste. Our solicitors charge a preferential rate and know the BMV industry very well and therefore can relate to this type of transaction.

You are free to use your own Mortgage Broker, if you require one. Bluebelle Property Investments do not give mortgage or financial advice. We are able to recommend reliable independent Mortgage Brokers if you request this.

Bluebelle Property Investments is not a regulated or licensed investment or financial advisor. All information provided by Bluebelle Property Investments is intended as general information in the normal course of business and regarding property and should never be treated as giving specific advice or recommendations.

We look after everything for you !

As part of the initial property assesment report we will give you costs for the refurbishment program required, prior to renting the property out. All suppliers used by Bluebelle Property Investments are reputable tradesmen who we have been using for many years. A refurbishment program is agreed prior to commencemnet of any works.

In many cases, upto 50% of refurbishment costs can be recovered (specific details upon request)

Managing properties and tenants is a full time job for which many investors do not have the time or experience.

Using third party lettings and management agents often results in a poor quality of service and constant tenant issues. That is why we have our own in-house property management department to look after both our own portfolio and the portfolios of our investors.

The best way to get more information and make a judgement on our service is to talk to us.

You can call us during office hours on 01623 362118.

Once we are aware of your personal investment objectives, funds and timetable; we will only contact you directly with properties that fit your criteria.

Alternatively, just enter your email on our Contact Us page and you can arrange a 20 minute call where you can ask us any questions related to our service or property investment in general.

Call - 01623 362118

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